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Coyote Shooting Season Fees, Dates & Harvest Limit 2015-2016

Season: Sept. 12, 2015-July 3, 2016 province wide.

License Fee: Coyote shooting licences are free, but are subject to a $3.00 vendor fee. There is no harvest limit.

This licence permits hunters to hunt coyote using centrefire rifle calibres up to and including: .225 (i.e: .17 Rem, .22 Hornet, .204 Ruger, .218 Bee, .222 and .223 Rem., 223 WSSM, .22-250 Rem., .220 Swift, .224 Weatherby Mag., and .225 Win). Hunters using shotguns may only use No. 2 shot or larger (slugs are not permitted). Holders of a coyote shooting licence are not permitted to use rimfire rifles to hunt coyotes.

Hunters holding a valid big game, small game, or wolf shooting licence may also harvest coyotes during the open season in the Management Area where the licence is valid. Hunters may harvest coyotes using firearms and ammunition permitted under the authority of the licence type they possess. Hunters who use a shotgun for hunting small game must use shot size No. 2 or larger to harvest coyotes.

All hunters must report the numbers of coyotes taken and must submit coyote carcasses to the nearest Department of Natural Resources office. A $25-collection fee is offered for coyote carcasses.

Hunters may offer coyote pelts for market. Fur export permits are required for hunters shipping furs out of province that are not handled through a fur agent. For more information, consult the Hunting and Trapping Guide PDF (14.5 MB).

Due to the volume of furbearer carcasses submitted, please allow a minimum of six to eight weeks to receive payment.

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